Friday, August 13, 2010


Hey everyone! hope everyone is doing good! im ok, right now im sitting in san diego airport waiting for my plane. im also not feeling well at all this time out to san diego was not a good one. i was not 100 percent. on a happier note i will still continue to film for helix as one of there exclusive models. In my personal life me and my boyfriend are doing great =] we love the new place we moved into with our 4 month old chiwawa ( no idea how to spell it hahah) and my sister. its a great place and a very nice area of orlando, im very contempt. =] I was able to hang out with my bestfriend/ brother from another mother, Keith Conner last night. but not for very long seeing as i was very sick last night so i had to leave and go take care of myself. But im very happy to announce that Keith Conner and Brody West will be flying to my house in november to spend thanksgiving with me and stay a week! =]
Unfortunately no matter how hard i try to push drama and dramatic people out of my life they always find a way in. Im sorry but im not one of these twinks who sits around and gossips about other people. cuz i honestly dont have time to =] and the thought that you would waste your breath talking about me makes me feel kinda special =]
Another thing that really bothers me is twinks who think there the shit. Honey honey honey, please deflate that big head of yours what makes you think your better than anyone? so please dont walk and talk like your the shit cuz news flash you arent. I like level headed down to earth people who arent trying to push other people to the side. I really dont like people in this world (porn industry) who will do anything to get to the top while some of us will walk there and earn the right to be on the top. "with Great Power, comes Great responsibility" Well some of you might be saying that im being mean or being a bitch right now and im not im basically stating facts and my personal opinion. Its a free country and were all entitled to our own opinions ;)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What I've been up to latley

Hey everyone!!!!!! hope ya'll had a awesome fourth of july! i sure did! So last time i posted on here i was out in california hanging with one of my favorite people in the world Keith Conner. We celebrated his birthday and took a party bus up to L.A to go party the night away with some friends of ours, Brody West, and Ashton Michaels. Than i flew back home to orlando a couple days later, just in time to celebrate my sisters birthday! For her birthday, my boyfriend, my sister and i went to Tampa for the day and went to Busch Gardens and rode the awesome roller coasters over and over again. ( For those who don't know i'm a big Coaster fanatic.) For the Fourth of July i went to Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney world and watched the fantastic display of fireworks, they honestly are the best ive ever seen. Than on the fourth my sister and i went to Busch Gardens again ( we have season passes for there and Universal Studios Resort) and watched the fireworks there and rode the coasters at night.
Now some of you have been wondering and asking if i will be making it to San Diego pride and the answer to that is no, i wont be making it. I have alot going on this month with moving ( will still be located in orlando) my boyfriends birthday and my trip back home to NY for a couple days. ( where i will be traveling to go to Six Flags Great Adventure!!! Love all the coasters there and im so excited for that trip!!!) But i will be out to CA sometime in august to film some more. =]
A different subject i get my new Iphone 4g next tuesday!!!! went out to club rain last night and had a blast with my sister. Going to Cocoa beach tomorrow with her to have some relax time. I move next thursday sooooo excited and i think thats it, so i will catch you guys later!!!!
-Chad Fitch

Monday, June 14, 2010

My First week being 19

Hey everyone!!!! i hope your all doing well. I know i am! As some of you might know my birthday was last week (wednesday) and i turned 19! and to make it even better one of my roommates had a birthday the day before mine. so we had a really fun night, lots of laughs and drinks. unfortunately my best friend Keith Conner was not able to make it due to prior engagement. But thats ok because as i write this i am packing and getting ready for my trip out to San Diego to make some new hot porn for all you viewers, i get to see and hang out with Keith Conner and also spend his birthday with him. =] so i am very excited. On my birthday i was at Universal Studios Orlando with my sister and my boyfriend ( i have a season pass so i go all the time, look for me if you ever go! ;) ) we rode all the rides and had lots of fun. And last night we went again at night, it was open till 10, and we were able to get into the New Harry Potter attraction. They had a soft opening for those who were in the park around 9-10pm. Very cool. well i hope everyone has a great next couple of days and i will post a new post by this weekend.
Chad Fitch